Fabricio is an artist that blends exploration and experimentation in his musicianship


Fabricio is a composer that synthesizes performance and ethnomusicology in his musicianship. As musician, he approaches diverse musical languages between traditional Andean, popular, and academic music. Currently he designed a notation system with Kipus, a pre-inka nots on strings system for accounting, which is combined with the usage of loop stations and alternative singing techniques. This system allows the tactile perception and interpretation of the strings as another source in the music creation and performance. The experimentation is complemented with the exploration of alternative tuning systems, blending notions of native ancient music scales with modern art music. He recently incorporated proficiency on building pre-Columbian native instruments, along with electroacoustic music, thanks to studying at UNTREF in Buenos Aires Argentina, where he is also teacher assistant and member of the OIANT.

Born in Cusco Peru in 1985, started musical studies at 16 with violin and Suzuki method at the Cultural Association “Qantu”under the guidance of Amy Tai with whom he studied during three years, along with the music school in Cusco, Leandro Alviña Miranda. Moved to Lima in 2005 to get prepared for the admission exam in the national conservatory under the guidance of Laszlo Benedek, Wilfredo Tarazona and Edgar Valcarcel. In 2006 he is admitted in the violin department, for then switching to viola. The next year he is admitted in TCU in Fort Worth in Texas, where he studied viola with Misha Galaganov, and composition with Gerald Gabel, afterwards, he continued studies in the Masters Composition Program at SMU in Dallas mainly with Kevin Hanlon and Robert Frank. In 2015 he returns to Cusco teaching in the music school and being involved in the local music scene. Then he moves to Lima in 2017 to teach in the National Music University of Peru, National School of Folklore of Peru, and Catolica University in Lima.

He was the conductor of the Traditional Peruvian Instruments Student Ensemble in the National school of Folklore, and assistant conductor of the Traditional Peruvian Instruments Ensemble, a music orchestra stablished in 2009 under the direction of Wilfredo Tarazona. He taught music theory at the national university of music in Peru, and Peruvian music history at the Orson Welles institute in Lima.

From 2020 to 2022, he was a member of the Orquesta de Instrumentos Autoctonos y Nuevas Tecnologías in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at UNTREF, where he also studied at the masters program Music Creation, Traditional Arts, and New Technologies. At UNTREF, he also was Teaching Assistant in music theory and music history.

Currently, he is a Ph. D. student at the Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology program at the University of California Irvine, 2026 class.